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                                       Updated on 7/16/20

4/22/12-Buenos aires-unknown
4/23/12-Rock N' Roll All Stars Tour-Demon prods, 5 dvd set
2012-Rock N' Roll All Stars Tour Cam Mix Many Sources-Unknown

2012 - Rock N' Roll All Stars Tour >>>>>> DVD teka 

3/18/17-Cleveland, Ohio-VidTrim
6/2/17-Philadelphia, Pa-Dvd Teka

6/2/17 - Philadelphia,PA-Anjodash Duallayer 

6/2/11/12/17 - Philly-Providence -Unknown  Blu Ray

2017-Q & A Session At Wizard World-Philadelphia, Pa- Black menu
8/12/17-Bowler, Wi-Anjodash Duallayer
8/12/17-Bowler, Wi-Dvd Teka

9/20/17- St. Paul, Mn-Dvd Teka

9/20/17- St. Paul, Mn-Unknown
9/20/17- St. Paul, Mn-Anjodash Duallayer

9/20/17- St,Paul,MN - Unknown 


10/17/17-Osaka,Japan-Jean  B/R <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------------

10/24/17-Buenos Aires,Argentina-mikeFury

10/24/17 - Buenos Aires,Argentina-DVD teka

10/24/17 - Buenos Aires,Argentina-Anjodash

10/26/17 - Santiago,Chile-Anjodash

 10/26/17 - Santiago,Chile- G/P  

10/26/17-Santlago,Chile-PPL Prods,

10/26/17 - Santiago,Chile - Mikefury

10/26/17-Santiago,Chile-MikeFury Blu-Ray

10/30/17 - Mexico - Anjodash

10/30/17 - Mexico - DVD teka 

11/12/17 - Providence,RI - Anjodash

11/12/17 - Providence,RI - DVD teka

 2017-LoundPark/Japan -Unknown BluRay

 2/16/18-Lynn,MA-Unknown D/L 

2/16/18 - Lynn,MA-Unknown Blu-Ray

2/16/18 - Lynn,MA -DVD teka

5/3/18 - St,Charles,IL - Anjodash

5/3/18 - St,Charles,IL - Anjodash D/L <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------------

 6/2/18-Sweden-DVD teka

 6/2/18- Sweden-Jean  DaulLayer  

 6/2/18- Sweden-Jean B/R  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------------------

6/2/18 - Sweden - Anjodash / Tolvis77 DaulLayer 

6/2/18 - Sweden - Anjodash / Singer198003 DaulLayer

 6/2/18-Sweden-Urvansk D/L 


7/19/18 - Tilburg - Anjodash

7/19/18 - Tilburg-Anjodash Partail

7/19/18 - Tilburg-Jean Blu Ray 

7/19/18 - Tilburg-Jean

7/20/18-Oberhausen-Jean D/L
7/20/18-Oberhausen-Jean B/R  



Runaway Diff, version
Never To Young To Die
Never To Young To Die Spanish version
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Trick Or Treat
Trick Or Treat Spain

Trick Or Treat  Spanish Version 
Detroit Metal City  Japan
Be Cool
Wish You Were Dead
Thrid Watch

The New Guy 

Red Surf

Armed Response-AJ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW-------------

At Any Cost - Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------

Perfume Signings At Belk Northpark Mall/ Secret The Sex Tape-Unknown
Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star Playboy Tv-Master
Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star Playboy Tv-Mr,T

Miami Vice: Prodigal Son :Full Episode-blackmenu

Miami Vice w/Hitchiker 

Miami Vice Prodigal Son Full -Offiacl  

Collection - Master

2018-Andrew Interview >>>>>> Anthony

The Today -Unknown 

American Idol&The Appmentice -Unknown

BBC Liquid - Master

A&E Biography Channel Documentary-Master
A&E Biography Channel Documentary-Master Spanish
A&E Biography Channel Documentary-Tonyrock

A&E Biography Channel Documentary -Petes
Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp-Unknown
Me, Inc. Book Tour And Interviews-Blackmenu
Supereme collection vol,1-Mr,T
11/2/15-Bass class-unknown

11/9/17 - Master class - Anjodash 

11/8/16 - Master class >>>>>> Blackmenu Duallayer 

11/7/17 - The Vault/Master class  >>>>>> Anjodash 2dvdset

1/6/18-LA Vault Experience >>>>>> Anjodash

1/6/18-LA Vault Experience >>>>>> Aniodash /KISSfaq

1/27/18-Miami Vault Experience >>>>>> Anjoash  W/Ace

Vault Experience W/ACE-DVD teka 2 Dvdset  

Vault Experience W/Ace -TonyRock

 Vault Experience Nashville >>>>>>Anjodash 

Vault Experience Nashville W/Vinnie>>>>>>Anjodash interveiw-TonyRock 


2/24/18-St,Louis- TonyRock

Vault Experience W/PeterCriss-NewYork-Anjodash   
Vault Experience W/Songs&Stories-NewYork-Anjodash  

Vault Experience Collection 2 Dvdset DVD teka

 5/26/18-Vault Experience Las Vegas W/Paul-Anjodash 




Iam kiss fan in home vault-anjodash 

4/14/18 - Nashville -TonyRock 

NewYork Interveiw - Master

1/5/18-Rockceller TV interview >>>>>> Anjodash

Bio/ Kiss: London, Ontario: 4/24/76/Denver, Colorodo: 11/17/77 8mm :Pha-Q
10/9/10-Speach At Pitzer College In Claremont,Ca-Blackmenu

2012 the soidbreakfest w/doc nashville-blackmenu

Play & Talk - TonyRock 

Play & Talk - Master  

Club Toyko -Master

Bob Interveiw -Master  

Bob Interveiw - TonyRock

2009 Interview -Master

 The Class of 1975-Master  


on tom green show 07 

2013-jon lovitz network-master   

7/28/13-Fandomfest: Louisville, Ky-Master
5/11/13-Q & A-Indianapolis,In-Blackmenu
5/11/13-Q & A-Indianapolis,In-Master

Market dvd-master
Record release party w/ace7/7/87-master
Shannon Tweed On Howard Stern On Demand-Master
Shannon Tweed On Howard Stern On Demand-Unknown
Shannon Tweed On Howard Stern On Demand-Mr,T

2003 American idol -Unknown  W/Extras  

2004-RoadtoItalytv >>>>>>> Unknown

2014-RNR Fantasy Camp-Unknown  Daullayer 

  RNR Fantasy camp Q/A  - TonyRock

Through the keyhole-Blackmenu
Spitting Blood Through The Years-Necramonium
Godofthuner-Unknown duallayer
Interview Collection-Oathology 2 Dvd Set
Bastards & Whores-Oathology
January 2010 Tv collection-Oathology
2014-In London-Oathology
Israel & Canada collection-Oathology
The Secret History Of Rock And Roll
2/5/16-The Dr. Phil Show-Black menu
2/5/16-The Dr. Phil Show-Unknown

2/5/16-The Dr. Phil Show- MP 4 File  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-----------------
w/doc Meghee-Nashville-Black menu
Gottschalk America interveiw w/madtv-Deutsche ver,
2016-Toy Hunter Show-Master German tv
20/20-Demon prods,
My America-Unknown
Scorpion/Season/2 Episode: 1
Oslo Collection 2004-Master
The Henry Rollins Show
2001/03-TV Collection-Unknown
The Tyra Banks Show-Unknown
2006-TV Collection-Master
1988-W/Paul on Geraldo-Master
The Rachael Ray Tv Show-Master
March-2010 Tv Appearances/Jimmy Fallon 3/19/2010/The Doctors-3/17/2010-Unknown
January-2010 Tv Appearances-Shatner's Raw Review/I Get That Alot-Unknown
Intimate Interview On Axstv- Black menu
Cbc The Hour Interview-Unknown
The Paul Ogrady Show-Master
Shrink Rap w/extras-KISSmad
Shrink Rap
January-10 Tv Appearances Vol-2/Shatner's Raw Review/Today Show/Brian Mcknight Show
Interview On Private Sessions, Ny 5/31/2009 & Dr. Pepper Soda
Wogan Now And Then
Mind Of Mencia / The Secret History Of Rock And Roll
CSI :Epasode: 17 Season: 14-DVD teka
CSI :Epasode: 17 Season: 14-Demon prods,

CSI : Epasode : 17 Season:14- Unknown 
Are You Smarter Then A Fifth Grader ?
2010-Mtv's Cribs Priciest Pads Countdown
The Apprentice With Gene w/extras
The Apprentice With Gene
Ugly Betty Episode-DVD teka
In London w/extras
Nightflight interview
1988/in Hungary w/extras-unknown
Big Money Hustler -2 Dvds
The Demons Tounge - 3 Dvd Set
Steak And Cheesecake Collection: Media Collection- 3 Dvds

Online Collection -TonyRock 4Dvd Set

 Frank Buckley -Anjodash

 Angie Tribeca -AJ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------

Japan Doc - AJ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------

The Big Interveiw- W/Paul s 2 - MP4 File <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------

Rock school- Duallayer
Rock school- Duallayer Diff,
Rock school- eps,1-6
Rock school- Tavinho & EL Tiburon-2dvds

Rock School Season 2 -Daullayer 

Rock School 2006 -TonyRock 

My Dad The Rockstar Cartoons-2dvds
Family Jewels (4 Dvds) Season: 1

Family Jewels Box Set 2D/L And 1Single 1CD Season: 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW--------
Family Jewels (3 Dvds) Season: 2
Family Jewels season 1 & 2 best of
Family Jewels (4 Dvds) Season: 3
Family Jewels (3 Dvds) Season: 4
Family Jewels (2 Dvds) Season: 4 German Tv & German Subtitles
Family Jewels (3 Dvds) Season: 5
Family Jewels (3 Dvds) Season: 6 Volume: 1
Family Jewels (2 Dvds) Season: 6 Volume: 2 :The Wedding
Family Jewels (3 Dvds) Season: 7 :The Final Season
Family Jewels (22 Dvds)-Tonyrock

Family Jewels (13 Dvds) -TonyRock Ult,Ed. 

Family Jewels (11 D/L Dvds) - TonyRock

Family Jewels (15 Dvds ) Spanish -TonyRock

Family Jewels- extras
Family Jewels-Marahyon A&E

Make-up class with GENE -TonyRock 
A&E Biography
A&E Biography Diff,
A&E Roast 2008 :Skulljam9
A&E Roast 2008 :Unknown

A&E Roast 2008 :AJ 2019
Speaking In Tounges ( 3 Dvd Set ) (Not The Official Dvd)
Speaking In Tounges (Home Video)
Speaking In Tounges ( 2 Dvd Set )
Speaking In Tounges
Shannon Tweed: CenterFold

Shannon Tweed ; Movie Inplicated
Shannon Tweed: When Playboy Ruled The World

HotDog - Unknown <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------
OfUnknown Origin - Unknown <<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------

KK7 Sophie Simmons show >>>>>> Anjodash 

Sophie Simmons online collection -TonyRock

Sophie Simmons full frame - Master

11/30/84-Sir Studios New York, Ny-Master
7/7/87-Toronto, Canada-Master
7/8/87-Detroit,MI -Bill Baker Master >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW------------------
9/6/87-Detroit, Mi-Master
9/6/87-Detroit, Mi-FZill
9/12/87-New York, Ny-Master
9/12/87-NewYork,NY -Bill Baker Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
9/12/87-New York,NY - Master
10/31/87-Detroit, Mi-Master
11/6/87-Indaianapolis,IN-Master w/AliceCooper
Triple Threat!: Detroit, Mi 10/31/1987/Indianapolis, In 11/6/1987/Detroit, Mi 7/2/1988

3/19/88-London, England-Mike Fury ver,1
3/19/88-London, England-Mike Fury ver,2
3/19/88-London, England-Skulljam9
3/19/88-London, England-IAS
3/19/88-London, England-Tolvis
3/19/88-London, England-Unknown
3/19/88-London, England-FZill
7/2/88-Detroit,MI-Bill Baker Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-----------------
3/4/90-Philadelphia, Pa-Master
3/4/90-Philadelphia, Pa-FZill
3/4/90-Philadelphia, Pa-Unknown
4/5/90-Los Angeles, Ca-Unknown
4/9/90-Venture, Ca-Unknown

7/31/92-Baltimore, Md-Master
7/31/92-Baltimore, Md-Unknown
8/2/92-New York, Ny-Master  
8/10/92-Poughkeepsie,NY-Vitor <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------------
10/30/92-Fairview, Nj-Master   
10/30/92-Fairview, Nj-filmer
10/31/92-The Ritz,New York,NY-Bill Baker Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW----------------
11/25/92-Seaside Heights Nj-Master 2 dvds
11/25/92-Seaside Heights Nj- FZill duallayer

3/13/93-Orlando, Flordia-FZill
3/13/93-Orlando, Flordia-MikeFury
3/13/93-Orlando, Flordia-Unknown
3/16/93-San Diego,CA-Unknown
4/3/93-Toronto, Canada-Unknown
4/23/93-Spring Valley,Range,NY-Master  
4/23/93-Spring Valley,Range,NY-KISSmad
4/23/93-Spring Valley.Range.NY-Unknown
5/31/93 - The Ritz, NY - Master  
5/1/93-The Ritz,Ny-Damage Inc 2 Dvd Set  
6/16/93-San Juan-Master
6/26/93-Brooklyn, Ny -Master
7/29/93-Danbury, Ct-Master
7/29/93-Danbury, Ct-FZill
7/31/93-Raleigh, Nc- Master
7/31/93-Raleigh, Nc-Deuce8pro

4/23/94-Staten Island,NY-Master
4/23/94 - Staten Island.NY-Bill Baker Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW----------------
5/14/94-Cleveland,Oh -Master
5/15/94-Toledo, Oh-Master
5/26/94-Minniapolis, Mn-Master 2Dvds
5/28/94-St. Louis ,Mi-Master
8/5/94-Charlotte, Nc- Master
8/5/94-Char;otte,NC-IAS D/L 2019 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
9/17/94-Brooklyn,NY -HI8 Master Daullayer     
12/10/94-Columbus, Oh- Unknown

1/1/95-Brooklyn, Ny-Master
1/1/95-Brooklyn, Ny-Unknown
2/19/95-Old Bridge, Nj-Master
2/19/95-Old Bridge, Nj-Master 2dvds
2/19/95-Old Bridge, Nj-Skulljam9 Duallayer
2/19/95-Old Bridge, Nj-Unknown 2dvds
2/19/95-Old Bridge, Nj-FZill
2/19/95-Old Bridge,NJ-Evil Dick  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
3/5/95-Atlanta, Ga :Expo- Unknown
5/28/95-ProVidence, RI- Unknown
5/28/95-Providence,RI- Bill Baker Master D/L <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
7/6/95-Quebec, Canada - Master
9/12/95-Columbus, Oh - Unknown
11/9/95-Dunbury, Ct - Master
11/9/95-Dunbury, Ct - KISSmad
11/9/95-Dunbury, Ct - FZill

1996-2 Songs Rare Performance Before Kiss Reunion-HubertCumberdale

4/27/02-Birthday Bash-Anjodash 
9/8/02-New York, Ny- Master
9/8/02-New York, Ny- FZill
9/8/02-New York, Ny- Serge
9/8/02-New York, Ny- Unknown

10/31/07-New York, Ny-Orbit
12/31/07-Allentown, Pa-Master  

2/22/08-Atlanta, Ga- Unknown
2/22/08-Atlanta, Ga-Evy2000
2/24/08-Dallas, Texas- Master
2/24/08-Dallas, Texas-Oathology w/2/29/08
2/29/08-Niagra Falls, Canada-Master
2/29/08-Niagra Falls, Canada-Evy2000
2/29/08-Niagra Falls,Canada-Hubertcumdale 
3/7/08-Mount Pleasent, Mi-Unknown
3/7/08-Mount Pleasent, Mi-Rusty Trombone
3/7/08-Mount Pleasent.MI - Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW--------------------
3/9/08-Mt Clemens, Mi - Unknown
3/9/08-Mt Clemens, Mi -Rusty Trombone
4/3/08-Atlantic City, Nj -Apaul73/1 Song Fractured Mirror
4/4/08-New York, Ny - FZill
4/4/08-New York, Ny -NYBC
4/4/08-New York, Ny -Unknown
4/4/08-New York, Ny -Demon prods,
4/10/08 - Sheffield,England-Unknown   
4/10/08-Sheffield, England-Olbap12ar
4/10/08-Sheffield, England-Metalpunk
4/10/08-Sheffield, England-Unknown
4/11/08-London, Austoria-Unknown
4/11/08-London,Austoria-Master  RT,SD  Incomp. 
6/6/08-Sweden rock fest-Master
6/7/08-Oslo, Norway -Alexxxx
6/12/08-Tilburg, Holland -Alexxxx  
6/12/08-Tilburg, Holland -FZill
6/12/08-Tilburg, Holland -Jean Duallayer
6/14/08-Donnington, England- Unknown  
6/14/08-Donnington, England-Sylvace
6/14/08-Donnington, England-Alexxxx
6/14/08-Donnington, England-Hubertcumberdale
6/14/08-Donnington, England-DVD teka
7/13/08-Pryor, Ok - Master
7/13/08-Pryor, Ok - Unknown
7/13/08-Pryor, Ok - FZill

8/16/-09-Dallas,TX-Ride For The Dime-HubertCumberdale
9/12/09-Los Angeles,Ca-Master
9/12/09-Los Angeles,Ca-HubertCumberdale
9/12/09-Los Angeles,Ca-Oathology 2 Dvds
10/4/09-Arrowhead Stadium-Kanas City,Mo-10 Min Oathology
10/28/09-Los Angeles,Ca-Master
10/28/09-Los Angeles,Ca-Earnhardt12345
10/28/09-Los Angeles,Ca-Kisspep Duallayer
11/5/09-Council Bluffs,Ia-Oathology
11/15/09-Council Buffs,IA -Hubertcumdale
11/29/09-Drammen, Norway-Ingo Aus Norwegen 2 Dvds
12/4/09-Malmo,Sweden-A Double A Prod
12/9/09-Gothenburg,Sweden-Snefyllan 2 Dvds
12/9/09-Gothenburg,Sweden-Snefyllan 2 Dvds diff,
12/11/09-Deutschland,Berlin-Slovakia Duallayer
2009-Collection-Oathology 3shows
2009-Collection-Oathology 2shows
12/15/09- Switzerland -Dehausi 2 Dvd Set
12/16/09-Rijssen,Holland-Jeancoverdesign Duallayer
12/16/09-Rijssen,Holland-Buks 2 Dvds
12/17/09-London, England-Bootmastergeneral
12/17/09-London, England-Pha-Q Prod
12/17/09-London, England-MR,T
2009-Collection-Oathology 2shows
2009-USA Collection-Oathology

2/5/10-Melbourne,Australia-Revenge Prod 2 Dvds
2010-Australia Collection-Oathology
3/19/10-Uncasville,Ct-Skulljam9 Duallayer
3/20/10-Atlantic City,Nj-Oathology
3/20/10-Atlantic City,Nj-Skulljam9  Duallayer
3/20/10-Atantic City ,NJ-Hubertcumdale  
3/21/10-New York,Ny-Bitch Committee
3/21/10-New York,Ny-Skulljam9  Duallayer

3/15/11-Tampa,Flordia-Damage Inc.
7/1/11-Mt Clemens,MI-Ratt Trader/Boss2005 Prod
8/27/11-Clarkston.MI -Lilreed79 
10/26/11-B.B. Kings,NY-Oathology
10/26/11-B.B. Kings,NY-Bitch Committee
10/26/11-B.B. Kings,NY-FZill
10/28/11-Atlantic City,NJ-Oathology
10/31/11-Foxboro,MA-Jean Daullayer    

8/18/12-Erine PA-Hubertcumberdale D/L <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW----------------------
9/2/12-Brookhaven,Ny-Larry Hirshon
9/2/12-Brookhaven,Ny-Bitch Committee

10/23/13-Hard Rock Cafe,Ny-w/Peter Criss-Oathology
10/23/13-Hard Rock Cafe,Ny-w/Peter Criss-Jeancoverdesign
10/23/13-Hard Rock Cafe,Ny-w/Peter Criss-Oathology

11/13/14-New Brunswick,Nj-Jeancoverdesign
11/13/14-New Brunswick,Nj-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
11/14/14-Sugarloaf,Ny-Eduardo Pratti
11/20/14-Huntington,Ny-Jeancoverdesign Duallayer
11/20/14-Huntington,Ny-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
11/25/14-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-New York Rocks
11/25/14-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-Jeancoverdesign
11/29/14-St. Charles,IL-Jeancoverdesign
12/1/14-Dallas,Texas-Cowboy Jeff Parodies Duallayer
12/1/14-Dallas,Texas-Jeancoverdesign Duallayer

4/21/15 -Townsville, Australia-Master <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW--------------
4/28/15 - Brisbane,Australia- Anjodash
4/30/15-Sydney, Australia-Vic's Music
4/30/15-Sydney, Australia-Jeancoverdesign
5/7/15-Perth, Australia-Sssikuk
5/7/15-Perth, Australia-Jeancoverdesign
5/7/15-Perth, Australia-Gp
6/6/15-Sweden Rock Festival-From The Screen
6/6/15-Sweden Rock Festival-Evy2000 Duallayer
6/6/15-Sweden Rock Festival-Evy2000 (Blu-Ray)
6/7/15-Oslo, Norway-Jeancoverdesign
6/7/15-Oslo, Norway-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
Double Dutch/Amsterdam 6/9 & Zoetermeer 6/11,Netherlands/2015-Evy2000 ( Blu-Ray )
6/11/15-Zoetermeer-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
6/14/15-Vaureal, France-Sylvace
6/15/15-Bochum, Germany-Sylvace
6/17/15-Stockholm-Ironse  Duallayer
6/17/15-Stockholm-G/P  Duallayer
6/17/15-Stockholm-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
6/20/15-Hellfest/Clisson, France-Evy2000  Duallayer
6/20/15-Hellfest/Clisson, France-Evy2000 ( Blu-Ray )
7/10/15-Peoria, IL-Twstauf
9/21/15-Buffalo, Ny-Wonderham
9/27/15-West Springfield, Ma-Jeancoverdesign Duallayer
9/27/15-West Springfield, Ma-Jeancoverdesign  ( Blu-Ray )

2/27/16-San Antonio,TX-DamiandoanX
2/27/16-San Antonio,TX-Jason Jude Duallayer
2/27/16-San Antonio,TX-Unknown
2/28/16-Dallas,TX-Unknknow Duallayer
2/28/16-Dallas,TX-Jeanscoverdesign Duallayer
3/4/16-San Miguel,Ca-Madmax
3/5/16-Beverly Hills,Ca-HeavyMetalCraig
4/5/16-Atlanta,Ga-Atlanta Live Shows
4/5/16-Atlanta,Ga-Jeancoverdesign ( Blu-Ray )
4/8/16-Washington,Dc-Anjodash  Duallayer
4/11-12/16-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-Unknown
4/11/16-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-Jeancoverdesign  Duallayer
4/11/16-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-Jeancoverdesign  ( Blu-Ray )
9/23/16-Playstation Theater,Ny-Mjk2112
10/1/16-Lakewood, Nj-Unknown
10/9/16-Tarrytown, Ny-Evy2000
10/9/16-Tarrytown, Ny-Evy2000  ( Blu-Ray )

1/20/17-Corpus Christi,TX-Anjodash
1/20/17-Corpus Christi,TX-Anjodash  Duallayer
2/2/17-Las Vegas,Nv-DVD teka
2/2/17-Las Vegas,Nv-Anthony Salotti Duallayer
2/2/17 - Las Vegas,NV-Anjodash Daullayer   Ver1   
2/27/17-Buenos Aires,Argentina-Dvd Teka
2/28/17-Rosario, Argentina-Dvd Teka
3/2/17-Buenos Aires, Argentina-Dvd Teka
3/3/17-Buenos Aires, Argentina-Dvd Teka
7/21/17-Buenos Aires,Argentina-Anjodash  Duallayer 
7/21/17 - Buenos Aires,Argentina-Anjodash G/P Duallayer  
7/21/17-Melbourne,Flordia-Dvd Teka  (Blu Ray)
9/16/17-BB Kings Blues Club,Ny-Anjodash
9/20/17-St,Paul,MN-Dvd Teka W/Ace
9/20/17-St,Paul,MN-Unknown  W/Ace
10/17/17 - Perth,Australia-Anjodash
10/27/17 - Auckland - Anjodash/Djkrsa
2017/18 - collaborACEtions-Jean B/R <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW----------

 5/4/18 - Sony Hall, NY-Jean B/R <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------

 11/10/19-Houston,TX-Deer5001 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW------------7/16/20
11/10/19-Houston,TX-Deer5001 B/R >>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW------------7/16/20

Ace Vision Vol 1-Master
Ace Vision Vol 1-Websitemad
Ace Vision Vol 1-Unknown
Fractured Pieces-Unknown
Fractured Pieces-Unknown
Fuze tv webcast -Hubertcumdale  
Morton Downey Jr. Show With/Ace-AMSKVdvd
1995-Lost expo, Interviews 
1974/1998 collection-Master
Headbanger's Ball With Ace Frehley & Skid Row
Interviews From The Eighties
Media collection vol,1
TV Commcaaials
On Celebrity Poker
The Howard Stern Show w/KISS extras
The Howard Stern Show w/Unanthorized
The Howard Stern Show- Unknown
The Howard Stern Show
Vh1 Classic: That Metal Show: 3/26/2011 / Paul Stanley: On The Doctors: 4/14/2011
Vh1 Classic: That Metal Show- w/extras
All stars KISS tribute rock honors-Unknown
The Interview Collection: 2009-2014
2009-Tour collection-Glenne
On The Robin's Show 12/5/2009
Headbanger's Ball 10/3/2009
Celebrity Ghost Stories: Aired On 6/1/2013
Celebrity Ghost Stories: Aired On 6/1/2013
The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon 8/12/2014
The Live Collection
The stuff collection-Deuce8pro
Solo collection 2dvds
The Live Collection-MR,T
The Void Collection- I,II,III 3dvds
House of blues- Unknown w/extras
Golden Gods awards-Unknown
Sixpicks vol,1-Speacepaulie
What's In Your Bag ?
What's in your Bag ?   Hubertcumdale    
Tales From The Space Bear: Media Collection: Vol:1&2-2dvds
Days Of The Dead
Fact Or Fiction: The Loudwire Interview
Origins Vol 1 : The Interviews
AOL Build Interview On Origins
Chats And Plays With KFM-BFM For "Origins"
Mankin of do ya w/lots of extras
The Vh1 Classic Video Compilation
Video Compilation-Busgubbe
Video Compilation-Unknown
Movie: Remedy
1994 expo w/extras-MR,T
Take A Rocket Ride: Usa/Canada 2008-Oathology
Three forks/That metal show-Oathology
Jendells Favorite Son-Oathology
Namm 96-Oathology
Sunrise: Interview: Channel 7: Australia Tv
Behind The Player w/extras

2/27/89-Poughkeepsie-Master w/KISS extras
2/27/89-Poughkeepsie-Master w/3/2/89
2/27/89-Poughkeepsie-Master w/KISS
3/6/89-Toranto Canada-Master W/extras
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-Sullyland
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-Master 
3/11/89-The Ritz,NY-Master 
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-Gameplayer
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-Master
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-Master
3/11/89-The Ritz,Ny-KF73
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Master
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Evy 2000
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-FZill
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Ult,Ed,
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Olbap12ar
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Mick E Gee 2007 Duallayer
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Skulljam9
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Cbg Classic Master Series 2 Dvds
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Cbg Classic Master Series 2 Dvds 
3/12/89-New Haven,Ct-Kissvision
3/12/89 - New Haven,Ct- TonyRock D/L 
4/3/89-Los Angeles,Ca-Master
4/3/89-Los Angeles,CA >>>>>> Master 
4/3/89-Los Angeles,CA >>>>>> RagMan Prods, 
10/21/06-Atlanta,GA-Metal Zone 2 Dvds
10/21/06-Atlanta,GA-Metal Zone Filmer 2 Dvds
10/23/06-Ft. Lauderdale- Unknown <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------
10/28/06-Irving Plaza,Ny-Unknown
11/6/06-House Of Blues Chicago, IL-Home Video
11/14/06-Los Angeles, Ca- Dvdteka
11/14/06-Los Angeles, Ca-Unknown
4/11/07-Coolongatta -Sylvace
4/14/07-New Castle-Sylvace
4/14/07-New Castle-Unknown
4/16/07-Sydney, Australia-Alexxxx
4/16/07-Sydney, Australia-Sylvace
4/17/07-Sydney, Australia-Alexxxx
4/20/07-Melbourne-Unknown 2 Dvds
1/10/15-Los Angeles,Ca-Unknown W/Foo Fighters9/11/15-The Roxy-SoulStaion-Blackmenu
2/26/16-San Juan-Soul Sation-Unknown
KISS Kruise 7 Solo show >>>>>> DVD teka 2 dvds 

Sex tape w/extras
Sex tape w/extras   TonyRock 
Sex tape w/1989 show
1984-2014-Raw Interviews
The Raw Interviews
1984-Night flight W/Spian1983
Hosting Mtv collection
1989 W/KISS extras
Hosting Powerhour With Mark Slaughter
About Face
Tower Records-Ontario,Canada-Security Camera Footage
1999-Pamela Wallin/MuchMusic/Bynon/Nitelife
1999-TV Media Canada Collection
1999-Media collection - Master 
98-99 Phantom of the Opera Canadian Tv Compilation
Phantom Of The Opera Toronto-Filmer
Phantom Of The Opera Toronto W/extras
Phantom Of The Opera Toronto 6months later
Phantom Of The Opera Toronto-Sullyland 2 Dvds
Phantom Of The Opera Toronto-IAS 2019 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW----------------
Chris Isaack show-Liveshows <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW--------------------
Live To Win Compliation 2 Dvds
Australian Tv Compilation-Alexxxxx
TV Media Australia Collection-KISSmad
Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp 2007 -Questions
Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp 2007 -Interviews
Art Eyes: Vol: 1
The Lopez Show
Wall street journal interveiw
Oathology collection
The Joe Rogan Experience
CNN Collection-Demon prods
Book Tour 2014 Media Collection And Interviews
Special-2014 ( 2 Dvd Set )-Dvd Teka
Interviews 2014vol,1-Tonyrock
Home & Family: Universal City, Ca
Home & Family: Universal City, Ca-Jeancoverdesign
Interview At The Jewish Community Center: San Franciso, Ca
Interview At The Jewish Community Center: San Franciso, Ca-Jeancoverdesign
Interview At The Jewish Community Center: San Franciso, Ca-G/P
Question & Answers Session On The Kiss Kruise: 4 :Michael Cavacini
Solo, Acoustic & Private: Kruise 5
Solo, Acoustic & Private: Kruise 5
Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp 2016 :Miles Schuman 16 Year Old Hosts Interview
Pollstar: Keynote Speech
Pollstar: Keynote Speech-G/P
Pollstar: Keystone Speech - TonyRock  
on fox and friends w/extras-master    
Live In-Studio On Jonsey's Jukebox
Smashing Guitars Through The Years :Necramonium
Where R They Now -Unknown <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------------
Tribute: One Night Kiss: Blackmore Bar: Sau Paulo, Brazil 3 Dvds
Tribute: One Night Kiss: Blackmore Bar: Sau Paulo, Brazil
Laves band Tribute
4/23/92-Las Vegas,NV-Master
5/13/92-The Ritz,NY-Acepep
5/13/92-The Ritz,NY-Master
5/13/92-The Ritz,NY-Starchild
11/30/94-Manchester, Usa-Master W/extras
7/8/95-Toronto, Ontario-Master
7/8/95-Toronto, Ontario-FZill
7/8/95-Toronto, Ontario-RPM Master >>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW-----------
6/17/17-The Cutting Room-New York-Anjodash

80/88-Media collection
Live at five interveiw
on Donohue
on Donohue-IAS 2020 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW--------------
Prague 2dvds
3 diff, expos
And Bruce&Bob Expo-Unknown
Show me video
Vinnie Vincent: Q & A Sessions From The Ny/Nj Kiss Expos: 1994-1995
That Metal Show W/KISS extras
That Metal Show-MR,T
That Metal show-blackmenu w/extras  
The Modern Drummer Media Collection
Interviews And Demos/ Also The Keep: Peter Criss & Mark St. Johns Band Demos
Hooked on RnR
9/8/12-NewJersey expo,-Rock10 
OZ HBO 3Dvd set 
9/25/94-Orlando-Saturn <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------

12/11/86-Brooklyn Ny-Master
7/18/87-Toranto Canada-IAS
7/18/87-Toranto Canada-MetalZone 
The Video Collection: 1978-1988-FZill
The Video Collection: 1978-1988-Mike Fury Final 2020 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
Promo Collection
Invasion: A look At The Lost Egyptian God
The expo collection-MR,T
The Vinnie Vincent Collection 2 Dvds
Vinnie Vincent Collection: The Original Collection-IAS Duallayer
Vinnie Vincent Collection: The Original Collection
Vinnie Vincent Collection
Vinnie Vincent Collection  - FZill  
Vinnie Vincent Collection-Deuce8pro
Mtv collection
W/MarkSlaughter hosting Mtv HBB-Master 
Gastrop-Rauxel Expo, Germany
1994 - Seekonk,MA Expo, - Anjodash
1996 - Chicago expo, -Anjodash 
2018 - Alanta expo - Anjodash ver,1  Daullayer     
2018 - Alanta expo - Anjodash ver, 2  Daullayer   
2018 - Alanta expo The Warrior - Anjodash
2018 - Atlanta expo -DVDteka 4 Dvd Set 
2018 - Atlanta expo- Jean 2D/L Fix copy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<new--------------
2018 - Atlanta expo- Jean 2 B/R <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
2018 - Atlanta expo- Jean 2 B/R Fix Copy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
 3/30/96-Stockholm-KISS Expo-MrT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------

2004-Melbourne-Master D/L <<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
2009-TV Collection
2/1/10-At the cat club-KISSpep
2/1/10-At the cat club-Hubertcumberdale
Hot licks-Mick 2020 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW-------------------
KISS Kruise 7 Bob & Bruce show >>>>>> DVD teka
KISS Kruise 7 Bob & Bruce show >>>>>> Anjodash  5 dvd set
11/2/19-KK9-Urvansk <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
Guitar Clinic-Vitor <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
Guitar Clinic-Vitor Upgrade  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
Rehearsal KISS Expo-Vitor <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW------------------
W/Iron Maidens-Vitor <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------
Union/Do Ur Own Thing -Unknown D/L <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,NEW--------
11/22/96-Sydney-Unknown <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEW---------------